What does Retex do for you?​

Stress due to work overload when managing manually

Stress due to work overload when managing manually

Retex will make it easy for you to manage the entire process

Worried about not delivering <br> on time

Worried about not delivering
on time

With Retex you won't have this problem anymore

Disappointed that production capacity cannot be increased

Disappointed that production capacity cannot be increased

Retex helps you increase production in just a few months

Greater efficiency - Lower cost

Average results after 3 months when using Retex

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Enhance performance
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Reduce work load
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Cost savings

Digital transformation of production processes​

Retex is a combination of lean manufacturing (Lean) and digital technology (Digital), with the aim of improving efficiency and optimizing operations. By providing managers with the right to monitor and analyze sewing production and production instantly. Deployed on a cloud computing platform, provided as a service, Retex can be deployed quickly, meeting a variety of production-scale needs.

  • Increase production

  • Cost savings

  • Complete your order sooner

Production process management​

Retex application to set up and maintain a lean, highly efficient production system.
Understand the entire production process from planning, through to completion and on-time delivery.

Order and plan

Plan and order information are managed intuitively, specifically, repeat orders are declared quickly, grasping the entire order status. Retex also automatically calculates the input date, finish date and automatically balances materials. The planned progress is calculated according to actual capacity and it is easy to deliver orders to the team with the most suitable capacity.

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Take advantage of
the power

Product quality control

Optimize product testing processes by documenting the cause of defects for deeper analysis and quick revision. All data is collected: Number of pass/fail rows, error rate, error classification, number of POs. An easy-to-use user interface and flexible data export help manage quality and minimize errors.

delivery time


Electromechanical, Engineering & Related Parts

Also by this system, workers spontaneously request immediate support to electromechanical, technical or related departments to immediately handle problems in the shortest time, without affecting productivity. pass. Control and evaluate the processing quality of each part: What's wrong? Where is the cause? How long is the processing time? How to solve that problem?

Quick handling

Work transparency

Management of raw materials & finished products

Raw materials are managed according to each PO, always know if each PO's NPL code has been ordered, which date to return to the warehouse, which warehouse is in stock. The entire business flow of supply from demand balancing, warehousing, warehousing and inventory.

Shorten import, export and storage time

Save labor cost

Real-time management with "Iot Viewer"

Reduce wait times and realize real-time production management by allowing line workers to know hourly production progress. It is easy to see that the stage is lacking or excess capacity.

Early detection slow progress


Accurate - Smart - Flexible

Reports are collected and analyzed automatically: Real-time production, revenue, quality, productivity, finished products and warehousing. Help Managers easily identify the stages or workers with low performance and run the work anytime, anywhere.

Quick decision making

Ensure line balance

What do customers say about us?

More than 60 businesses and hundreds of textile complexes have chosen Retex
A real-time lean production management platform


Thien An Phuc

Director of Thien An Phuc

Now, I can manage many factories at once just by phone, through which I will see daily revenue, output per line, completion rate, processing requirements of departments and get reports. fox. Since then, my management job has become much lighter.



Vice president of Vinatex Dung Quat

Vinatex has a lot of workers and always faces the problem of not being able to control the production schedule, leading to line imbalance and affecting the delivery schedule. Retex has helped us thoroughly solve bottlenecks or loss of control in production.


Phu Tuong

Director of Phu Tuong

Retex has digitized the Real-time process, so I can find the root cause of the business's loss of efficiency and provide timely solutions to ensure progress in the factory. In particular, enhance and accelerate continuous improvement efforts in manufacturing.


Minh Hai

Operation manager of Minh Hai

Retex helps me understand the cause of equipment failure, control the problem and evaluate the quality of the electromechanical team. This is great to reduce machine maintenance time, avoid prolonging repair time affecting progress. Also, plan for better maintenance in the future.


Retex builds digital lean manufacturing factory

Digital transformation is opening up great development opportunities for businesses. With a wealth of experience in consulting and implementing for textile and apparel businesses, we realize that: Digital transformation is never just a matter of Technology, but requires a combination of all three factors. People – Process – Technology. 

It's time to digitally transform
your business