Inadequacies in warehouse management and solutions

Warehouse is the place to store and preserve materials and goods of the factory. Warehouse management is considered the most difficult job is also important because the goods are often diverse and have many changes, leading to many difficulties in management. In the following article, we will list some inadequacies that businesses often encounter when managing warehouses and solutions to overcome them.

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5 common inadequacies in warehouse management

Check the inefficient goods

The work in the warehouse can be mentioned such as: input management, output of raw materials, organizing the arrangement of delivery, monitoring the purchase process, managing goods and inventory in the warehouse goods, plan to import goods periodically, proactively solve the related work within the warehouse and related parts … and there are many other arising jobs. When the quantity of goods is too much and hundreds, thousands of types of items plus busy work, the inspection will be extremely difficult.

It is difficult to update the exact amount of inventory

If the processes in the warehouse are manually managed and performed. In the case of too much work, it can easily lead to stagnation in the continuous update process of inventory, especially for large warehouses. Moreover, the reports often based on papers are mainly, not based on the actual amount of existence in the warehouse, so the update of the amount of inventory becomes very difficult.

Manual management takes a lot of time

Currently, most of the processes in the warehouse are manually managed and performed through books or excel. Although necessary in some cases, these procedures and tasks often have many risks of errors, time -consuming and increasing labor costs, directly affecting the quality and efficiency. inventory management. Besides, the import and export process of goods has not been organized professionally. It is this, sometimes causing unnecessary mistakes in the management of goods.

The layout of space is not optimal

If you arrange goods in a warehouse scientifically, you will save you the warehouse area, time, energy and increase labor productivity and the export, management, convenient control, easy and easy control than. And vice versa, if the goods in the warehouse are not streamlined, not divided into different types of goods, you will probably have many problems such as: it takes a lot of time to search for goods, difficulty Moving when taking goods, rats bite the goods, unable to control the goods for a long time …

Do not check the warehouse regularly

Many businesses often make serious mistakes when managing warehouses. Do not regularly check your inventory because you are afraid of too wide warehouse, too much goods and do not want to closely check the number and status of goods in the warehouse. This leads to the loss of goods, damage, expiry date that business people do not know, until reusable reuse does not meet the needs …

Optimal solutions in warehouse management

In terms of cost issues, including labor costs, inventory costs, materials, equipment, machinery, … Inbound Logistics estimates that labor costs account for about 65% of the operating budget of the servant Out of warehouses, while Gartner thinks that the enterprise spends an average of 25% to 35% of the budget for inventory costs!

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If businesses are also having problems in inventory management, the most effective way is to choose smart warehouse management solutions. Businesses can refer to Retex’s warehouse management system is a reliable choice. This is a solution to improve the efficiency of warehouse management, thereby reducing inventory costs through:

  • Provides the ability to display visually in real time about: inventory, product status/ warehouse, storage costs, time of import and export time …
  • Automation of repeated tasks such as export, import, warehouse transfer, inventory by QR Code …
  • Manage Just in Time: The right product – the right quantity – the right place – at the right time

In the current fierce competitive market, stable production is not enough – every business tries to find their own competitive advantage. Businesses need to be aware of the need to change numbers so as not to be left in the development race. More importantly, businesses need to find a reputable unit to accompany on the journey to deploy the warehouse management system that best suits their needs.

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