Thien An Phuc Garment Factory – Digital transformation to improve quality, reduce costs

General introduction about Thien An Phuc

Thien An Phuc digital transformation – Established in 2018, Thien An Phuc is headquartered in Thua Thien Hue province and is a trading unit in the Garment industry. There are main production products such as Sportswear, Workwear, Medical Equipment, and Jacket…

Thien An Phuc has officially cooperated with Retex to digitally transform technology into the management process in order to make management easy, professional, and effective. With an enterprise scale of more than 500 workers and business development goals towards a professional production process, optimizing each stage in the process, and improving product quality to bring the best products to customers.

3 typical management problems in production

How to save human resources, time, and effort to spend less but also improve work efficiency is a difficult problem for Thien An Phuc. Here are three problems of traditional business management that are both inconvenient and high-risk.

Create orders and manage complex production plans

In the past, planning was usually done manually on books or Excel. These traditional methods of calculation are very easy to cause confusion, lack high accuracy, leading to many errors in the process of importing and preserving and storing materials.

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Product quality control

Thien An Phuc always considers product quality as the core issue in production. So, if a defective component is discovered at the end of the production line, it will be discarded. This causes a loss of upstream labor, consumables, factory capacity, and revenue.

More seriously, if errors arise during the production process are not detected. When the product reaches the customer, it will affect the reputation of the organization. In addition, the application of Excel to record QC stages takes a lot of time and human resources.

Manual storage

Most of the previous production processes at Thien An Phuc were managed and performed manually. Although necessary in some cases, these manual procedures and tasks often carry a high risk of errors, are time-consuming and increase labor costs, directly affecting the quality and efficiency of management. warehouse manager.

Choosing digital transformation technology: It does not need to be perfect, but it must be suitable

Mr. Binh (Director of Thien An Phuc) shared: “When it comes to technology, I don’t pursue perfectionism. Because it’s technology, we should continue to improve. The application we chose does not need to be perfect but must match, properly address the needs of the business and meet the lean core criteria. And Retex has done that.”

Here are 3 digital conversion solutions that Retex helps Thien An Phuc to thoroughly solve the 3 problems above:

Create orders quickly and manage production plans easily

Báo cáo thông minh

Retex manages orders with the functions of Contracts, Suppliers, Style Management, Pattern Sewing, Technical Document Management, PO Management and Order Status Reporting and Order Efficiency. The solution chosen by Thien An Phuc in managing production plans is a Retex production management system dedicated to the garment industry with outstanding features such as:

  • Order management, contracts, suppliers
  • Monitor order progress and efficiency
  • Warn late orders

Strictly monitor product quality

Quality is the most important factor to create added value for products. Therefore, good product quality management will create beneficial products for users and help businesses gain high profits. Retex software with outstanding features in quality management such as:

  • Real-time data notification
  • Unprocessed error message
  • Failure rate warning
  • Real-time quality control

These features have helped Thien An Phuc increase control, and compliance, meet time-to-market requirements and increase the ability to manage product lifecycle accurately with real-time data.

Store and trace data

By digitizing the entire process to the cloud, businesses do not need to buy and manage data warehouse infrastructure. Delivers flexibility, scalability, and durability, plus anytime, anywhere data access. Moreover, businesses can completely filter and lock data remotely to prevent company information from falling into the hands of others.

Results after more than 1 year of Thien An Phuc digital transformation

After more than 1 year, the digital transformation journey has gradually reached the destination to receive the first results, Retex has helped Thien An Phuc:

  • Save more than 10% of unnecessary costs by optimizing production costs for each product, cutting excess waste due to manual operation, and visualizing all production information.
  • Reduce workload by 15% by reducing production time.
  • Increase working productivity by 5% when enterprises can control the quality of raw materials, improve the error rate in the production process, reduce the error rate, and actively control the operating cycle of the factory.

Manager of Thien An Phuc shared: “Retex has supported us in each operation and adjustment flexibly, in line with TAP’s operating desires, helping each worker in the factory to solve the problem. faster, more fluently”.

Exchange provides Retex solution

Retex is pleased and committed to accompany textile enterprises on the journey to realize the goal of digital transformation to optimize management processes, improve quality and reduce costs. With experience in the apparel industry and technology capabilities, Retex is committed to bringing a digital transformation solution with strategy, specificity and needs to every textile business.

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