“Technology vaccine” solves the challenge for textile enterprises

Technological vaccines” are helping many textile enterprises overcome Covid-19 and restore production. However, there are also thousands of businesses that have had to temporarily suspend operations because they did not change in time.

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The epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to all economic sectors. The textile industry is one of the hardest hit industries. If a garment enterprise has 4,000 employees, if it stops production for 1 month, the salary alone will be 20 billion VND (average 5 million VND/person). 

“Technology vaccine” has really been a “lifesaver” for businesses. If according to the old technology, it took 13 minutes to produce a pair of jeans, but now, with technology, it takes less than 10 seconds to create a product. Moreover, technology to automate connections on the Internet is gradually replacing the position of thousands of workers. This not only helps to reduce labor costs and improve labor productivity, but also reduces the risk of production disruption when implementing social distancing measures to prevent the epidemic.

According to the survey results from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), enterprises’ awareness of digital transformation in recent years has made very encouraging progress. Before Covid-19, about 50% of businesses applied digital technologies, since the pandemic, 25% more businesses have applied digital technology.

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“Technology vaccine” – helping textile and garment businesses overcome the pandemic

Covid-19 has caused many negative consequences, but it is also a catalyst and a “test” for businesses that are agile and promptly change their business models to survive and reach out to the big sea. Moving to operate in the digital environment, powerful and thorough application of information technology has been and is the solution for many businesses.

Three major challenges enterprises face: Maintaining continuous and efficient operation; Maintain revenue; Improve governance capacity and organizational capacity in the post-pandemic period.

Applying Retex digital conversion software to textile enterprises

Digital transformation is the key to helping businesses solve these three challenges, through which businesses can manage results, completion time, work quality, coordination, and standard assessment of worker performance, etc. Applying digital transformation, businesses cannot manage business performance and face many difficulties when making decisions.

However, if businesses only see digital transformation as a temporary solution to overcome the pandemic, it is a big mistake, but having to determine that digital transformation will become a key factor, even if pandemic is over.

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Digital transformation is currently a vital element of businesses. For businesses that have not yet deployed, this is a good time to map out a roadmap or accelerate conversion. Retex technology software – a real-time production management platform was born with the aim of supporting textile enterprises to optimize management and transparency in the production process, thereby saving costs. , reduce work load and improve production capacity.

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