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Production is an important module in the operation process of any business and managing the production schedule is the most essential step in the management process of the textile industry. This process needs to be managed comprehensively in order to make timely decisions, thereby creating added value and stable revenue.

Efficient production process

First, to have an efficient production process, we need to go through 2 steps:

Production planning: Managers need to rely on existing orders as well as inventory to get a specific production plan in terms of product quantity, implementation time and especially assignment. work for production teams in the most reasonable way.

Management of production progress: Managers need to regularly check and monitor the production process of production teams to update progress as well as detect deviations for timely handling.

With today’s traditional schedule management methods, managers face many difficulties at the actual production management step. And the Retex app will help you manage your progress anytime, anywhere

  1. Update production reality

    With current traditional production management methods, it is very difficult for workers at sewing teams to update the production reality for managers, and if updated, this process is very time-consuming. time and effort. However, with the production update feature of Retex production management software, after each working day workers can update the number of finished products in that working day to the software without need to be recorded in books or papers.

  2. Manage anytime, anywhere with just an internet connection design

    Retex production management software is integrated on the app system, allowing users to use it right on their smartphones. With only one device connected to the Internet, production progress will be continuously updated to the software. This helps managers to cover the situation, to promptly make the right adjustment decisions.

  3. Automatic reminder system

    Retex’s task management software will help users manage their work in detail with the system’s home page reminder system, extremely convenient and fast. With our software, users only need to access and process work anytime, anywhere in order, it’s easy. 

  4. Monitor production status visually

    The management of production progress with software will help you technologyize the textile process. When workers update their work results in a day, managers can also immediately access the software and see the parameters that the production teams have just updated. In addition, the software provides overview reports on production progress according to work orders, finalization reports of materials according to work orders, reports on the situation of materials according to work orders, etc. Thanks to that, the manufacturer Managers can track an overview as well as a detail for each work order being executed.

    Having a technology system to support in the production process of textile enterprises is something that managers should not ignore. A good schedule management and reporting solution removes all of these risks and gives businesses the tools they need to grow and succeed. Contact Retex right away so your business can manage production progress anytime, anywhere!

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