Retex has the same ambition to “revolutionize” the textile industry

Having worked in the textile industry, realizing the inadequacies in managing production lines in the traditional way, Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Loan (1991), Mr. Nguyen Cuu Long (1994) and Mr. Nguyen Van Thuat (1991) came to visit. from Quang Nam have jointly created Retex – a real-time garment production and management platform with the ambition of “digitizing” the production process of the Vietnamese garment industry.

Inadequacies in the production process of the textile industry

The textile and garment industry is a complex, multi-stage and difficult to manage process. Working in the production management stage of a textile and garment enterprise, Ms. Loan realizes that there are still limitations in the management and production stages of many enterprises in this field, that is, monitoring the work progress. of employees, quantity of goods, quantity of materials or quality of products are still handmade and discrete. Before the rapid and strong development of the industrial revolution 4.0, Ms. Loan wishes to apply 4.0 technology to “digitize” the management and production process of the textile industry.

From those concerns, Ms. Loan, Mr. Long and Mr. Thuat formed the idea of developing Retex – a real-time garment production management application with the goal of helping textile businesses easily manage. transparency in the production process. Thereby saving costs, reducing work load and improving production capacity.

Starting a business in the industry is a bold and risky step for Ms. Loan, Mr. Long and Mr. Thuat. This is a journey full of difficulties and obstacles. Therefore, each member of the group has divided specific tasks, in which, Mr. Thuat is in charge of building management software, and Ms. Loan and Mr. Long are familiar with the traditional management process of the enterprise. The textile and garment industry should step by step align so that the application can overcome the “limitations” of manual management, “digitize” as much as possible of the jobs that can be digitally converted.

Production process innovation – the digitization of the textile industry

Although the textile and garment industry is a labor-intensive industry, businesses in this industry are also very agile and ready to change to make operation and production management more effective, especially in the 4.0 era.

Mr. Dinh Duy Phu – Director of Phu Tuong Garment Company Limited (Dien Ban, Quang Nam), one of 10 units piloting the implementation of Retex application in production process management, said that in the past, to monitor The progress or quality of the order needs to go directly to the factory or each factory manager, the manager must make an email report, each person has a different email, so the production tracking takes a long time. “The company has 4 production workshops located in different locations, so I have to directly check the work progress once every two days, so it’s very time consuming and I can’t proactively schedule orders.” Mr. Phu said. For production activities, workers when there is a problem or want to report a product error, they have to leave their work to find a technician, which also greatly affects the production line.

After hearing the founders present the idea for the Retex application, the company decided to facilitate the installation of this production management platform.

Up to now, the cost to “digitize” the production process is also relatively low, but in return, the management and production tracking is much more convenient and synchronous.

Mr. Phu shared.

In the last days of the year, the company’s garment factory is busy with the sound of non-stop pedaling. Workers quickly cut and sew to quickly complete unfinished orders. From time to time, the loudspeaker resounds with the calls of “M&E to line 2”, “Technical support to line 8”, “Call the leader of line 1”… Unlike normal sewing factories, each sewing line is located at The company is fitted with a tablet computer in the middle of the line and a television at the end of the line that displays the number of products.

“From the day this system was installed, the production processes at the factory were operated more smoothly, if there was an error or any problem that needed support, it was handled immediately. In particular, this system helps to manage the productivity of each line as well as input and output materials.”

 Mr. Nguyen Dang Duc, Assistant Director of Phu Tuong Co., Ltd shared

Retex application is designed and built entirely on the basis of cloud computing technology, combined with IoT devices to create smart factories. Each line is fitted with a tablet computer and a television screen showing the order requirements and the actual quantity of the garment.

On the tab displays the Retex application with two interfaces for workers and team leaders. The interface for workers is designed with 4 basic buttons: call electromechanical, call technical support, call cutting team, call team leader. When there is a problem that needs support, workers just need to click on the tablet screen, the speaker system will automatically play a call.

The interface for the leader of each line will display the orders delivered each day, the input of the number of garments made in each session, the number of imported materials. Every time an order is sewn, the team leader will enter the data, click complete the order and receive a new order.

Each department will be granted access to different applications as well as websites, in accordance with the function and mission. All data will be recorded by the system in real time and can be exported at any time. Anywhere, the company director can manage the progress of orders, the productivity of each workshop, each department and each system group, via the web on the computer or the app on the smartphone.

Basically, the garment production lines are quite similar, so the general application is quite easy. For units with different production lines or management requirements, Retex will study and adjust to meet those requirements”, so the company expects that in 2021, the application will be well received by textile and garment enterprises. and the company can contribute to promoting the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry in general and the textile industry in particular. In the coming time, the company will research the application of production management for other separate manufacturing industries.

The 4.0 technology era is knocking on every door, every economy around the globe. This revolution brings opportunities and challenges for businesses and companies in Vietnam as well as other countries around the world. In order not to stay out of the technology wheel, Vietnamese businesses need to make changes to be ready for a digital age. Retex – Revolution Textile means to digitize the textile industry and create smart factories, this is the desire of the founders of Retex.

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