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One of the jobs that causes the most headaches for garment managers is probably the management of schedule and order creation because of the complexity and large number of goods. Therefore, Retex garment production management software will make optimization and order creation easier. Follow Retex to follow the article below!

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The importance of optimizing schedule management and order creation

It can be said that controlling, managing progress and creating orders accurately, quickly and effectively will overcome many problems arising in the production process, limit confusion, errors as well as reduce errors. such as improving business productivity. However, most textile and garment enterprises have not yet boldly transformed and still keep the traditional way of operation.

Is it still appropriate to manage and create orders in the traditional way?

Currently, traditional order management is not keeping up with the transformation trend. The Board of Directors must manage the complex process from receiving order information to directly monitoring and checking the progress of order execution. This process takes a lot of time, effort and is prone to confusion and errors. In addition, the internal transmission of information has not yet promptly resolved unexpected incidents. Therefore, affecting order progress as well as business reputation. Changing the traditional way of management and applying intelligent production management software will help businesses solve the outstanding problems in the process of managing progress and creating orders.

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Manage progress and create orders anytime, anywhere with Retex garment production management software

Retex is designed and built entirely on the basis of cloud computing technology, which can be deployed, maintained, and upgraded easily and quickly. Your data is located in a reputable data center with the highest level of security. The software allows textile businesses to manage details of progress as well as create orders easily and accurately.

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With only one device (phone, laptop, tablet …) connected to the Internet, the order progress will be updated continuously. This helps business owners or related departments to cover the situation anytime, anywhere. From here, timely make the right adjustment decisions, avoid delaying production as well as delivery.


Retex garment production management software always wants to optimize the processes in the operation and production of the garment industry. Helping businesses save costs as well as improve production productivity, thereby increasing competitiveness. Innovating the way of management, applying the 4.0 technology platform will be a stepping stone for textile enterprises to completely digitalize, step with the advancement of the times.

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