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Production management by technology solutions is increasingly integrating into the global economy, the rapid development of science and technology accelerates the fierce competition. Facing these challenges, businesses must constantly innovate to match the times. Especially for technology products, research is always put on top to meet the needs of customers.

Retex products are conceptualized, designed and built based on the inadequacies occurring in the textile and garment factories themselves. With the goal of integration, the application of technology to the management of production facilities is the most necessary thing today. The current Retex version is a version that has been and is being improved daily to bring the best quality to customers. Retex wishes to improve the productivity of the production system, save costs, improve production and business efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Some of the standards applied when building a Retex production management solution are:

Textile production management with innovative and modern programming technology

Retex is a technology product developed on a comprehensive cloud technology platform, with the ability to store and process data quickly and flexibly. Retex technology can be used on all 3 platforms: Android, ios, web… The software supports running as a standalone application or using a web browser on personal computers, tablets and smartphones. All Retex modules are developed on one platform and hosted on a single system. All processes in the enterprise operate on this system, so that administrators can easily manipulate, manage and look up information quickly, minimizing duplication of work.

Flexible design, easy information management

The system is designed to allow management of the entire production process of a garment enterprise from setting up production plans, transferring processing between departments to quality checking and product packaging. At the same time, Retex also provides the ability to update information on the status of production stages, monitor progress and product output.

Retex Flexible customization through Retex garment production management software

We provide a business management software solution that can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements. In addition to the pre-built standard version system, we can edit and customize the functions so that the solution works best with the business process.

Workflow (WorkFlow)

Workflows are likened to a solid framework that helps every organization and business survive and develop. Retex software provides connectivity and automatic data transfer, easily transferring from the paper process to online for inclusion in the management software. Retex has pre-filled fields to fill in to set up a complete new process capable of automatically assigning work to employees – called a workflow. The software allows businesses to easily set up and flexibly standardize all workflows in each department. Help managers have a more general view of the workflow.

With the preeminent features that RETEX brings, we believe that RETEX is a modern technology improvement solution to help businesses overcome limitations in the production process and improve product quality. Join us to experience the values that RETEX will bring to you.

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