New management trends cannot be ignored in 2021


Corporate governance in the digital era is a big challenge for Vietnamese businesses in all fields. How to develop businesses in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 is still a difficult problem. Every business needs to change to match the trend and not be eliminated. One of the core issues for businesses to survive and develop sustainably is the corporate governance method of entrepreneurs, especially approaching new management trends to keep up with the trends of the times.

Applying technology to production management 

In the traditional way of corporate governance, all powers are concentrated on managers, so there are many limitations that are not much creativity and general invisibility that will make our employees – talented people. They also become passive because they only obey the orders of their superiors, work just to meet the targets without feeling the value of the work, not being creative in their own way. This leads to stagnation and disengagement among members of the company.

Along with the manual management method are the basic contradictions born in the working process as well as affecting the transparency in the production process.

To overcome the above disadvantages, managers need to change for their businesses a more improved management method, applying new management trends in 2021. Specifically, applying technology to the process production management, human resources. With this new management trend, managers must set the challenge for their businesses to “Change to fit the times”.

This approach to corporate governance allows employees to express themselves and raise their voices. This will create a link and binding of responsibility to all members. Besides, the time to solve problems will also be shortened because when everyone is focused on solving a problem, ideas will appear constantly and the search for a good idea will be faster. many times more than just the managers sitting together to discuss. Production activities will be fully managed through the system with the function of allocating tasks down to each department and assisting in solving problems. Management technology not only helps managers save time, but also helps businesses make optimal use of available resources and minimize unnecessary waste.


In the 4.0 era, technology will be what holds a decisive role for the success or failure of businesses. The application of scientific and technological advances to enterprises, especially in work management, will have extremely practical meanings, making a big difference in competitiveness for businesses. other on the market. And you, as a business leader into the 4.0 era, are you ready for a modern and innovative leap?

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