Decoding the garment production management platform Retex

Giải mã nền tảng quản lý sản xuất may mặc Retex

Retex – garment production management platform was born with the mission to digitally transform the textile industry in Vietnam. With flexible capabilities, a comprehensive cloud-based management system that can be deployed, maintained, and upgraded easily and quickly. Help you work anytime, anywhere with just one device connected to the Internet. Your data is located in a reputable data center with the highest level of security to help users manage the operating process of the garment business comprehensively and efficiently.

The production and personnel management processes of garment enterprises in Vietnam are quite complicated and are often managed manually. There is no unified process leading to many shortcomings in labor quality, especially affecting fairness and transparency in the production force. With the current characteristics of the textile industry, managers often face many difficulties such as: not being able to manage the quantity and efficiency of staff, quantity of goods, quantity of raw materials, progress, quality. products and customers. RETEX production management platform was born with the mission to bring the optimal solution for managers to implement with the following features:

• RETEX manages the entire production process in real time.

• RETEX makes information transparent, easy to manage and does not miss the request to be processed.

• RETEX promotes the digital transformation of managing the textile industry in the most effective way. Through the RETEX model, the management system will be improved in the textile industry (digital transformation in textiles industry).

• RETEX innovates production management method by applying technology (cloud computing, IoTs) instead of traditional manual management method.

• RETEX can work anytime, anywhere with only one device connected to the Internet, data is located in a reputable data center with the highest level of security

The application of Retex software and management system will bring high transparency in labor, limiting the basic contradictions of businesses. At the same time, it can meet the needs in production and improve the quality of labor in the garment industry in the Vietnamese market, thereby creating a competitive advantage for Vietnamese enterprises when participating in the EVFTA Trade Agreement. We have trusted in choosing RETEX – Solution to improve modern technology. How about you?

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