Why is it necessary to apply the MES system to the textile industry?


The textile and garment MES system helps small and medium enterprises build smart garment factories to optimize production costs, save time and improve productivity. To increase competitiveness in today’s market, every manufacturing enterprise must thoroughly solve the problems of quality, cost and delivery schedule.

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What is the MES system in manufacturing?

The MES system is a production management system, focusing on tasks such as control, real-time monitoring, job management, goods status, detection and management of errors in production, etc. With a MES system in production, business owners or planning managers can capture all information anywhere, anytime. Thereby, not only improving the production process, but also making the best decisions to manage production operations effectively.


Real-time MES system applied in textile enterprises

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Why does the textile industry need to apply the MES system?

The market for the textile and garment industry is increasingly fiercely competitive, both domestically and in foreign markets. However, business owners are facing many difficulties in the production of their businesses that cannot be completely solved. Such as:

  • Difficulty in innovating to meet market needs, as well as gaining competitive advantages.
  • Delay in receiving data, affecting analysis work, leading to untimely processing.
  • Document retrieval issues.
  • Lack of visual statistics, difficult to track the work of each garment factory, each line and each department.
  • Failure to meet the production schedule or not achieving the desired output.
  • Encounter many risks and errors in manual or paper-based jobs.
  • Too many systems in the garment factory, without consistency and transparency.

Key benefits of the MES system

A perfect production management process is created by applying the MES system to the enterprise. Thereby, decision makers will receive feedback, request responses in real time, and provide information at a single source. The MES system has countless benefits that a business needs to take advantage of it:

  1. Increased equipment utilization: The MES system allows manufacturers to tailor work on equipment, optimize materials used, and best affect operators.
  2. Accurate record keeping and data analysis: There is clear, transparent data tracking and increased accountability for equipment usage across departments, which often reduces non-quality costs.
  3. Enables real-time progress of production versus work and gives the operator very useful information to enable if necessary to modify rates and correct for yield variations.

Lợi ích hệ thống Mes

Mes system benefits

Benefits of MES systems in manufacturing

Industry 4.0 was established to lead the digitalization of the production process, so the MES system is a very important factor in the textile manufacturing industry. It’s a real-time communication ecosystem, so business owners make better and faster decisions. To meet the requirements of production monitoring and management effectively, Retex software was born with a comprehensive production management solution. If businesses still have questions, do not hesitate to contact Retex – Comprehensive production management platform for free consultation. Contact us, you will receive a comprehensive and optimal change in the management of textile production.

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