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Vinatex chuyển đổi số cùng Retex

Vinatex digitizes the operating apparatus – Learn the software, talk to the real-time Lean Production Management solution provider Retex and make the decision to launch the Digital Transformation Project in just 1 month. Vinatex – Dung Quat affirmed that it will focus heavily in the transformation of smart factories, aiming to bring the Retex platform into the production process operating system within 3 months.

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Enterprise introduction

Established in 2008, Vinatex Dung Quat is a branch of Vinatex Da Nang Joint Stock Company, a unit that directly deals in import and export of garments and trade in textiles.

With the goal of developing a strong business in terms of production scale, product quantity, capital, revenue, profit and human resources, over the years, Vinatex Dung Quat has constantly innovated to catch up. with every trend. Recently, this business has officially “shaken hands” with Retex to conduct digital transformation.

Digitizing all data and operating processes is considered a key strategy of Vinatex, towards revenue growth and breakthroughs. At the same time, it is desirable to reduce work load and make process management simpler.

3 Problems Vinatex Dung Quat encountered

With 8 years of working experience in the garment industry and having accompanied many textile and garment customers, Retex’s team has pointed out 3 situations in the production process of Vinatex in particular and textile enterprises in general. .

  • Firstly, most businesses manage the production process manually, dozens of papers, daily and monthly reports are sent via Email, Zalo, Messenger. As a result, it takes a long time for management to search and synthesize reports, as well as no data transparency and no trace of information.
  • Second, it is not possible to assess the progress and quality of each part in real time. For this reason, businesses often lose control in the production process, because they cannot identify bottlenecks quickly for timely handling.
  • Finally, it is difficult for management to make decisions when dealing with incidents, because they are remote and do not have data.

The value we bring

After more than 3 months of implementation and training, the Retex platform has been operated smoothly and Vinatex has also realized the improvement and enhancement of the production process at the garment factory.

For the Board of Directors, reducing the workload by 20%, saving 10% of unnecessary costs (papers) and improving productivity by 12%, helping businesses grow revenue after only 6 months of using the platform. Retex platform. In the past, manual data analysis took up a lot of time and decision making was subjective because manual analysis was not 100% accurate. Thanks to Retex, the Board of Directors can make quick and objective decisions based on real-time data and manage work anytime, anywhere with just a phone or computer device. At the same time, the Board of Management can manage the workers’ progress and make appropriate adjustments to not affect the line balance.

For workers, workers’ incomes increase compared to before thanks to saving time in making reports on paper, detecting and handling orders errors quickly. Thereby, workers can focus on improving and boosting productivity.

Vinatex Deputy Director – Dung Quat said: “Previously, all recording and summarizing productivity in the workshop had to use human power. It has been 6 months since the Retex system was put into application, the managers have helped. It’s more difficult and you just need to check the productivity by phone. The management department also knows the problem as soon as there is a problem at a certain stage. The management of the production line is much more convenient.”

Let’s follow Vinatex’s success story through the videos below.


Retex collaborates with technology experts and process improvement experts to build a roadmap to transform arguments for manufacturing businesses with a long-term vision. So, to grow your business, seize opportunities and secure your position in the market, talk to Retex – a real-time garment production management platform.

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