Top 5 criteria for choosing textile production management software

Choosing the right textile and garment production management software will help businesses improve many operating processes and worker progress. These are 5 factors that play a very important role, directly affecting the business and the overall operation of the enterprise.

5 golden criteria when choosing garment production management software

Supplier capacity

It is a big mistake to deploy production management software that enterprises do not survey and learn about the supplier’s capabilities. The criteria for evaluating suppliers will usually be through customers, how projects are implemented, engineers’ techniques and how to manage their teams.

By the results obtained, you will evaluate the supplier’s strength, or you can refer to businesses in the same industry to review their operation and software supplier partners.

Production management software solutions suitable for businesses

Each company and industry will have a different production, business and management process. Different working process will create a different operating procedure. Therefore, solution providers must consult and calibrate solutions according to the characteristics of each business. Besides, the solution must be integrated with other systems to best support the business management process.

In addition, it is necessary to choose software with a system that is suitable for business needs. There are two systems commonly used in production management are ERP and MES. If businesses need to store, manage data and make information the center of their operations, they need to use an ERP system. On the contrary, use MES system if businesses need to track production activities and workers’ progress in real time.

After-sales support and training policies

The policies that suppliers can meet for businesses are security policies, training and deployment policies, post-project system upgrades and customer support policies.

  • Privacy policy for information and customer data.

  • Policy to support when implementing projects: Implementing a system takes a lot of time, and the technological process takes time for employees to adapt. Therefore, the company providing the project must meet the needs of training and supporting staff to apply the solution fluently.

  • Software upgrade policy: The era of technology is increasingly developing strongly, so it is impossible to ignore the need for software to be upgraded. Moreover, in the future, if businesses need any other requirements, the software company will also support development and upgrade. However, businesses need to refer to the upgrade cost of the software to ensure the long-term cooperation of the two parties.

Ability to edit, extend and integrate

In the process of development, the business may expand the size of the business, change some processes. Therefore, when choosing a solution, it is necessary to pay attention to the factor that is how to calibrate the software. Businesses should choose domestic suppliers because domestic suppliers will easily meet the requirements of modification and expansion compared to foreign suppliers.

Opinions from customers who have worked together

The most objective and honest reviewer of products and services is the customer who has used the product. Please refer to companies by size, industry, field … have used the solutions, evaluate the effectiveness that the solution has brought to businesses?

They have experience in implementing many businesses, international standard processes, their strong resources and experience in many fields will help companies get the most optimal solutions.

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Suggestions for using Retex textile production management software

Mr. Nguyen Dai – Deputy Director of Vinatex Dung Quat Garment Factory shared: “Previously, all the recording and synthesis of productivity in the factory had to use human power. It has been 6 months since putting the Retex system into the application, the managers are less stressed and just need to see the productivity over the phone. The management department also knows the problem as soon as there is a problem at a certain stage. The production line management is much more convenient.”

Retex – Real-time garment production management platform. This is one of the pioneering enterprises in the digital transformation of the garment industry in Vietnam.

Retex was born based on concerns about the inadequacies of garment factories. Retex application is designed and built entirely on the basis of cloud computing technology, combined with IoT devices to create “smart factories” to help textile enterprises easily manage, transparency in the production process. Thereby saving costs, reducing work load and improving production capacity.

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