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Retex Textile Software was established with the mission of “Digital transformation of the garment industry in Vietnam” and “Creating smart factories”.

Textile software Retex – Real-time production management platform

Retex textile software applied in TEXTILE and GARMENT businesses is a PRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION solution that supports businesses to promptly solve requirements in the production process. From statistics of revenue, production progress, completion rate to control from stage, part, each line in real time. In addition, the software also controls consumable materials by managing the logic and data from the beginning to the end of production.

Modules of each part are integrated on one system to create high connectivity in the data transfer process. Help management to capture timely order progress, revenue, costs, … through many forms such as smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Retex textile software is easy to customize, design features and operations on the system when business needs change to match reality.

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Retex textile software helps improve production management

The pain of textile enterprises

During the survey of nearly 100 garment factories, Retex realized a number of problems the garment factory encountered in the production process. Businesses have hardly found the most effective solution.

  • There are too many documents, it is difficult to control the information.

  • Lack of transparency in production, not detecting bugs quickly. Leads to stagnant work progress affecting revenue.

  • The head of the sewing line, the planning department takes too long to check the product quantity and has to constantly update it by manual methods.

  • Difficulty in innovating to meet market needs, as well as gain competitive advantage.

  • Delays in receiving, processing and storing information.

  • Lacking visual statistics, decision-making is based on feelings and experience.

  • Large garment factories, there are many different parts: Cutting, embroidery, … so, it is difficult to control every stage in the workshop.


Understanding those numerous difficulties, Retex has launched textile software with the following solutions:Store and process information quickly and efficiently.

  • Manage production progress anytime, anywhere.

  • Real-time production reports.

  • Transparency of information and production processes.

  • Simple and easy order creation and management.

  • Easy order control.

  • Make accurate decisions with data dashboards.


Results when applying Retex textile software: High performance, cost savings and revenue growth.

  • Increase production productivity by 32%: Reduce inefficient manual processes, increase machine efficiency, optimize production processes.

  • 12% cost reduction: Save on operating costs, unnecessary labor costs and material costs.

  • 20% increase in product quality: Standardize processes and product specifications, reduce manual errors, warn of errors, and provide timely remedial action.

  • Reduce 21% of work: Save 21% of time doing repetitive jobs in departments, save time for reporting – daily statistics, saving time for communication and handling problems arise between departments.

Why choose Retex textile software?

  • The staff has a long-term development orientation in the technology industry. Therefore, the main goal of Retex is to create products and services that bring useful values to customers in business management and development.

  • Retex only focuses on the textile market, so working experience as well as knowledge of the textile industry will be more in-depth than multi-disciplinary software. Therefore, customers will feel more secure when choosing Retex.

  • Retex helps you work anytime, anywhere, data information is updated in real time and data has a level of security.

  • Always responsible for customer support before and after the software is put into use with warranty policies.

  • Always update the latest and most modern technologies to help Vietnamese textile companies catch up with the trend of digital transformation 4.0.

  • The process is designed to standards to meet all future upgrading needs, enabling the textile industry to apply technology in every process.

Contact for consultation and register for a free garment factory survey

Having a technology system to support in the production process of textile enterprises is something that business owners and managers should not ignore. A good reporting and production schedule management solution will eliminate all of these risks. Furthermore, providing businesses with the tools they need to grow and succeed. Contact Retex immediately for a free textile software consultation and workshop survey. Thereby, Retex will assess the current status of the garment factory and offer the most optimal solutions for businesses.

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