Digital transformation of the textile industry – A step forward


Digital transformation of the textile industry has become an urgent need. However, managers are also faced with the decision of how to transform in the face of fierce competition in the apparel industry and the rapid pace of technology development, and must be attached to their goals. business goals and budget fit.

So what is digital conversion? Why is digital transformation positive for businesses? Find out in the article below.

From “Digitalization” to “Digital Transformation”

If it is said that “Digitalization” with the form of data digitization and process digitization is the first step of Industry 4.0, “Digital Transformation” will be the next step with the overall and comprehensive change process of individuals. and the organization. It is a change in the way of living, working and production methods based on digital technologies in an effort to create sustainable values.

So what value does digital transformation bring to the textile industry?

Digital transformation of the garment industry – The inevitable of the times

Digital transformation is the process of changing from a traditional model to a digital business by applying new technologies such as big data (Big Data), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing (Cloud), etc. operating method, leadership, working process, company culture. This is the inevitable transformation of the new technology era. 

Chuyển đổi số ngành dệt may – Bước tiến thời đại


Digital technology benefits 

Digital transformation in the garment manufacturing industry is taking place at an increasingly fast pace. The application and combination of advanced technologies bring tangible benefits to businesses in many ways:

Enhance production efficiency and labor productivity

Investing in a digital transformation strategy with the right roadmap will significantly improve work efficiency: Streamline processes by digitizing the entire process, improve decision-making, Minimize downtime and repair time, simplify performance monitoring, identify process bottlenecks, and promptly correct them.

Cut the cost

Digital transformation in manufacturing helps managers get comprehensive data and understand issues quickly. This information can be highly effective in making the right decisions and dealing with supply and demand anomalies and planning and maintenance. This will reduce risks and unnecessary costs in terms of inventory, materials and optimize labor and system operating costs.


Investing in digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies not only delivers operational improvements, but also helps enable a stagnant HR system, resulting in a modernized environment. In addition, the application of technology also helps to strengthen the linkage between departments, share information, easily form and create big ideas.


Manufacturers can customize the design of functions to meet the unique needs of their businesses and integrate with the systems the business is using to create a total solution. Since then, digital transformation helps production activities take place on a large scale and still maintain high efficiency, creating competitive advantage values compared to competitors in the same industry.

Ensure line balance

With sensors installed everywhere in the factory, workers can be warned of potential delays in production. In addition, workers can actively alert the electromechanical group to provide the fastest support and ensure working time.

Concrete evidence of the effectiveness of technology application in garment production

Chuyển đổi số ngành dệt may - Bước tiến thời đại

Phu Tuong Co., Ltd applies digital transformation in production management.

Phu Tuong Co., Ltd in Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province is one of the first units of the Central region’s textile and garment industry to digitally transform in production management, from receiving raw materials to raw materials. completing each order for export to the US and Europe.

For a long time, the management process of the textile and garment industry is mainly manual, unable to manage the working efficiency of workers, quantity of goods, raw materials, implementation progress as well as product quality. Products. Since digital transformation, the company’s production management has become easier and faster. Timely transformation also helps Phu Tuong company to solve most of the outstanding problems and improve competitiveness.


Transformation is an inevitable process, having a significant impact on the activities of businesses, especially Vietnamese garment enterprises. With the desire to take advantage of opportunities and limit the difficulties that the transformation creates, Retex – a real-time production management platform was born with the goal of supporting textile enterprises optimally in managing their production. transparency in the production process. Thereby saving costs, reducing work load and improving production capacity.

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