Digital transformation is the “key” for economic development after COVID 19


Digital transformation is an inevitable process, a guide and an extremely necessary tool for the manufacturing industry in general and the textile industry in particular. At the same time, it has a great impact on the operation and survival of enterprises, especially for enterprises in the textile and garment industry in Vietnam.

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Successful digital transformation “surpassing the storm”

During the Covid-19 period, businesses are starting to work from home, hold meetings and assign tasks all online. The change was so fast that many people did not have time to name it. The changes are so rapid that many people can’t even name them, but it’s actually the story that’s been talked about a lot lately: Digital Transformation.

In the most general understanding, digital transformation in organizations and businesses is the process of transitioning from a traditional model to a digital business through the application of new technologies such as big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). , Cloud computing… Changes in working methods, leadership, work processes, corporate culture.

This is a factor that brings many benefits such as cutting operating costs, reaching more customers in a longer time, leading decision making faster and more accurately thanks to the reporting system. Thereby, the operational efficiency and competitiveness of organizations and enterprises are improved… Therefore, textile and garment enterprises need to actively apply new technologies to modernize production lines and improve efficiency. productivity and quality as well as enhancing competitive value.

Expectations about digital transformation of businesses 

In the midst of the 4.0 era of rapid change, it is not “big fish eat small fish but fast fish eat slow fish”, digital transformation does not accept stagnation, half-heartedness, stagnation. The obvious benefits are: no need to spend a space to store records, papers, documents, save time to organize documents, search is also simpler; data digitization combined with good security tools can enhance the security of storage; Easy to control, plan…

Digital transformation has helped many businesses reap sweet fruits during the pandemic, but it needs to be associated with changing mindsets and production and business methods, not simply buying technology platforms for applications. According to the Enterprise Development Institute, before the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 50% of businesses applied digital technologies. And each business has different difficulties and obstacles, from which they have expectations about digital technology to solve their problems.

Statistical table of expectations of businesses when applying digital technology

Therefore, in order to apply digital technology, it should start from the internal needs or the pain that businesses face instead of external pressures, a social trend or panic about the situation. current epidemic.

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Barriers on the journey of digital transformation 

Currently, only 15% of enterprises are planning to do digital transformation, and more than 70% of businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, still face many barriers in digital transformation and passively react to changes in the environment. market.

But the biggest barrier is not capital or technology but the perception of the leader. Most business leaders today hear a lot, talk a lot about digital transformation, but take very little action. Attending many conferences and seminars in the field of digital transformation is too much, but leaders of businesses still have little change. They often delay digital transformation for several reasons: it’s fine now; still confused, do not know how; unwillingness to change (or fear of change). Therefore, digital transformation must start from thinking leaders to building infrastructure, training personnel and finally technology. 


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