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Garment is a specific industry that in the production process, products will have to go through many different stages. How do managers track the production progress to which stage, how much is at each stage? Retex – The production management platform has been focusing on handling these inadequacies for the Vietnamese garment industry.

Previously, production segments were managed and deployed in a simple, manual method. With Retex every process becomes easy. Let’s explore with Retex the advantages of daily and periodic production reporting.

Is traditional production reporting still relevant?

Most of the current textile enterprises have been applying this method. Because they do not have a technology solution capable of integrating production stages together or their businesses have not made changes to catch up with modern trends.

Usually, employees who want to report productivity have to check the products of each sewing team at the same time. After collecting enough information, the planning department will update and compare according to the initially set norms and synthesize reports to submit to superiors. However, a product is manufactured through many stages and in many different teams, to update all the correct information is very difficult and quite time consuming. Besides, the amount of information is too much, the calculation takes time, it is easy to encounter errors. Therefore, the method is no longer optimal and slows down the production tracking process of the business owner.

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Optimized with production reporting feature by software 

The problem is that there needs to be a more efficient alternative! Retex- technology solutions dedicated to the textile industry. With a friendly interface and streamlined process, it will allow management and reporting of the entire production process of a garment enterprise from order establishment, production planning, processing transfer between departments. up to the quality check and packaging of the finished product.

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